What Can Job Vision Do For You?

Jobs market or employment opportunities are HR concepts with different behavior in Africa. Stan Enache, the PRO S.A.D.C. trading and marketing platform founder has realized that from his support team which receives daily lot of good CVs from people visiting PROSADC website and looking for a job ... This is how Job Vision has been set up - as a non-profit orientated, ONE STOP CV distribution service to hundreds of recruiting agencies looking for good CVs and Resumes.

Simone brothers (Sean and Marietta) have decided to join the project and come out with a brand new career assisting online platform. After years of experience in head hunting, career coaching, staffing, recruiting and offline interviews in UK and South Africa they have decided to serve a more comprehensive goal: African HR Market Support.

Job Vision is not recruiting software or a "post my resume" website. Actually is not even a job board. We provide each of our eligible subscriber and job seeker a service. The support team evaluates his/her resume against employers, recruiters and vacancies throughout Austral Africa and SADC Countries. Then submit the candidate to listed recruiters and employers that the candidate will not come to know otherwise or anyway it would be very time consuming.

In conclusion, Job Vision provides cost effective and personalized career assistance for thousands of job seekers and feeds-in hundreds of recruiters and employers with pre-filtered resumes and CVs. This happens in a highly un-organized HR market where, because of insufficient communication media or social restraints, numerous very good employers and vacancies don't meet numerous very good professionals. .

Let Us Make It Happen !

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